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Wedding Receptions, Corporate Events, and Other Private Affairs

56DAZE is equally at home playing wedding receptions, corporate events, street festivals or other private parties as well as local and regional night spots.  We work with you and adjust our song list so we play the music you want to hear. 56DAZE is Ohio’s ultimate party band. We’re not the typical, stuffy “wedding band” which is why we’re the perfect choice for a wedding reception or other private party. We are a versatile, well rehearsed, professional unit that will take your event through decades of danceable favorites.  We specialize in maintaining an energy to keep your guests up and out of their seats the entire night.  Our set lists range from FM radio classics and Motown through 80's dance, "retro" and new wave to modern rock, alternative, country, R&B and even a little reggae should the mood strike.  We cater to the energy of the room and allow the night to evolve through an interactive performance your guests are guaranteed to remember.

Continuous Entertainment

From the time your guests arrive and throughout the event, there will be continuous music. 56Daze will provide pre-recorded (MP3) music of your choice during the cocktail hour, dinner hour, and anytime the band is not performing. Once dinner is completed, 56Daze takes the stage and kicks the party into gear until the light come on at the end of the night. At any time we would take a break, we will keep the dance floor moving by DJ'ing. We do not put a time restriction on your event for live performance as we are yours for the day no matter how long that may be.

Live ProFESSIONAL PROduction

In addition to providing an unforgettable performance, 56DAZE brings their own professional grade sound system and lighting. We can set up ALMOST anywhere you need us to and can tailor our production for the venue. Please understand, there are 4 of us and our equipment. A 'stage' area of 12' deep and 20' across comes in awfully handy if one can be secured. We're not needy, but we play much better when we don't have to worry about bashing each other with our guitars. We typically arrive 2-3 hour before the event to ensure that we are prepared to play in time for your guests arrival. It's generally a better policy than rolling our stuff in and tweaking our equipment all through dinner. If having an outdoor event, the performance area must be covered and be on a solid and level playing surface. (if in a tent, please have side walls available for quick deployment). We are very meticulous about our sound, lighting, and stage performance and will pay close attention to the "feel" of the room to fully engage your guests with the best song selections in the moment. Please visit our MEDIA page for sample video clips of our show.

Wedding and Event Pricing

Our fees vary widely based on several factors. The day of the week is important as weekends are going to be more popular than weekdays and therefore, more expensive. The time of the year is just as important. Summer event dates book up quickly and therefore command a higher rate than say, a Tuesday in February. (By the way, we are free EVERY Tuesday through 2020, get 'em while they're hot.) Other factors play into event pricing as well. The complexity of the production factors in heavily depending on the amount of lighting and sound equipment we need to use for the event, or if we have to carry everything up 4 flights of stairs (and then back down at the end of the night.) Occasionally, we are asked to play some VERY large events requiring us to rent MORE sound equipment to accommodate the playing area and crowd size. Any rental fees would be factored into the pricing quote. However, 99% of the time, our sound system is more than enough for most of the events we perform at. Distance is a big factor as well. We are based out of the Toledo, Ohio area. Anything beyond a 3-hour drive would likely mean having to get hotel rooms or we would get home around 6am and have to sleep on the couch (so as not to wake the kids or Mother-in-laws!). To get detailed pricing for your event, complete the form above with information about your event and we will get you a personalized quote.

Emcee Services

Tony Poling, of 56DAZE, will be happy to EMCEE your entire event. He works directly with you to ensure the correct name pronunciations of all attendees needing an introduction, from wedding parties, VIPs, and special guests.  In addition to handling all of your special announcements, Tony will keep the event's agenda flowing smoothly according to a pre-determined order.  There will be a wireless microphone available at all times for toasts, prayers, speeches, and any special announcements. In the weeks leading up to your event, Tony will meet with you in person or by phone to finalize all of these details.

Professional Attire

56DAZE will arrive in appropriate dress for your event. Formal wear, "club casual", or jeans and t-shirts if it's particularly laid back. Whatever the situation calls for, we draw the line at grass skirts and coconut bras.


56DAZE is happy to take our show on the road and are well travelled. We have been known to drive a few hundred miles for an event. We currently service all of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. We also service parts of Illinois, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania.

Event Decorum

We can assure you that if we perform at your private event, we will present ourselves professionally and reflect your requirements and needs. As we play many private events, weddings, charity events, corporate functions and festivals, we are well aware that different atmospheres dictate different manners of dress and appropriate behavior. We present ourselves the way YOU ask of us. We possess the technology to keep the show clean and appropriate for all ages as well.

Get What You're Paying For!

56DAZE at the River View Yacht Club Regatta Here are a few things that you may want to consider when looking for your wedding or corporate entertainment. Just because a band is bigger and has more players does not necessarily mean they sound better. Do not judge a bands worth on how many members they have. A bigger band may have members who only play instruments or members who only sing. A smaller band can sound just as big if they have members who can sing and play instruments all at once. Some wedding bands hire extra freelance musicians who are not always rehearsed as a group.  Make sure you are getting the group of musicians that you are hiring and avoid the bait and switch. Also watch out for "LIVE BANDS" performing without a drummer and / or using karaoke style back up tracks. Studio made videos and demos can be misleading. Some groups perfect their music in the recording studio and lip synch their videos. All 56DAZE audio and video clips on this website were recorded live on location during our performances at events just like yours using musicians who are permanent members of 56DAZE.


56DAZE at St. Joseph's Festival in Erie, MI If you are an agent or promoter and would like to add 56DAZE to your current roster, please give us a call. We would love to work with you!

Rockin' Weddings

Since 2002, 56DAZE has been the Wedding Band of choice for HUNDREDS of Ohio and Michigan couples on their wedding day.


In 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and again for 2018, 56DAZE was honored to have been selected as a top wedding entertainment vendor in Ohio and Michigan by The Knot wedding magazine as voted on by brides and grooms.

56DAZE is the BEST OF THE KNOT 2012!

We also aquired the KNOT HALL OF FAME award for having achieved a best of weddings pick for 6 consecutive years!

56DAZE is the BEST OF THE KNOT 2012!

2012 was our first year to earn the Bride's Choice award from We are happy to say we also won in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and now again for 2018!
56DAZE - 2017 Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award Winner

56DAZE Rocks Weddings!

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